Pawn broker Versus Ebay and Amazon

In this article we will describe reasons on how ebay and amazon is a less than ideal selling platform for both individuals and businesses alike when compared to selling or pawning to a more traditional pawn broker online or locally

Pawn Broker Benefits

For those of you who are wondering, finding a pawn broker is a great way to avoid the selling formats amazon and ebay.

Finding a Pawn Broker is a good idea no matter where you are or what kind of items that you have for sale. You should be sure to check out a Pawn broker either in your area or online for some of these reasons

Amazon and ebay will continuously rip you off with fees. Let’s take a look at how Ebay is ripping its sellers off constantly. In order to use either platform you must create your listing. This listing process on ebay will take you a much longer time than it would be to fill out a form directly on a wesite such as or finding a local or other online pawn broker anytime time is wasted you are wasting money, or time spent doing something you enjoy. Besides, with a pawn broker you can and should always get your items back.

Selling Fees

The fees involved in Ebay and Amazon EXIST. When you are selling to a pawn broker selling format fee DO NOT EXIST. When we tell you how much we can give you you get that exact amount. People do not realize when selling on ebay and amazon they are racking up an enormous amount in fees. Sure, when you sell to a pawn broker you have an interest rate, but that interest rate is still a more fair assessment compared to the 15% total of the whole items value, including shipping

pawn broker

The fees on Amazon are: $1 no matter the price of the item, for no reason

 Amazon will also charge you based on how much it costs to “refer” people to your listing. So, once the item sells you will be racking up very high percentage selling fees depending on the category. Anywhere from 10-20 percent of the items selling price.

Additional 10-20% if the item is sold using amazon FBA

For example, if you sold something on amazon for a total of $100 dollars including shipping you will be left with around $85

If you sold to a pawn broker you would be able to get anywhere from a 25%-70% of the current items value while getting the item back once the lent amount is given back

When people see these high prices on amazon they assume they can get a lot of money for them however, that is not the case. AMAZON WILL TAKE AS MUCH OF YOUR MONEY AS YOU LET THEM! Between amazon seller fees, referral fees, fees on the shipping, FBA fees you will get more money at a pawn broker.

Ebay is getting smaller

The same goes for Ebay. ebay is a poor selling platform because the amount of traffic is dwindling down, and the fees are only increasing. In order to show up first in search results for ebay you now have to pay in order to do so. Ebay fees range from 13-15% and they force you into using paypal. Paypal takes away an additional 3% in fees. This means a total of roughly 18% of you selling price will go toward ebay’s corporate pockets.

Buyer and seller Disputes

Both Amazon and ebay will almost always side with the buyer if an issue occurs. This is very problematic for any seller. Sellers are constantly getting the short end of the stick when selling on amazon and ebay. Both Amazon and Ebay are going to side with the buying in the vast majority of issues.  Pawn brokers will do whats right and hold your item safely, if not you will get more then the agreed upon amount.

Scams do not happen with Pawn Brokers

   There are plenty of scams involved when selling on Amazon and Ebay. This is a HUGE issue, the       amount of scams going on between the selling platforms, causes so much of a problem for the sellers. Going back to reason 3, amazon and ebay side with the buyer. when a case or dispute is opened. Pawn brokers have laws and regulations.